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Hey Juice are renowned for our careful tea selections, premium handcrafted ingredients, and blend between traditional & creative brewing processes to create the perfect recipes and beautiful brand aesthetics.

Hey Juice as the industry leader, we believe that healthy product environment originates from the industry leader, to make healthier tea spread to the public life in a more rapid way, to provide the freshest fruits, milk and different kinds of healthy drinks for our customer’s health. We only use the best quality tea and combine it with naturally fresh fruits to make every single cup of cheese tea our product the best experience for your life. Founded in 2007, aiming for international expansion, Hey Juice has branches over different cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, in China region, globally we have also shops across Canada, Australia, Philippine, and quickly to Paris.

Carefully Selected Tea Leaves

Quality is our guarantee. We start by choosing quality tea leaves that are visibly fresh (evident by a sheen), have an attractive appearance and pleasant aroma, and exceed expectations for taste. Carefully selected premium tea leaves processed by Taiwanese tea factory with professional technique, each cup oftea has its own determined aroma and taste.

Freshly Prepared Cut Fruits

we source and prepare the best in-season, ethically-grown fresh fruits from around the globe. You can be sure that all of our fruit suppliers attain the rigorous standards of the leading French retailers, food on the go outlets and food service providers. Enjoy the sweet aroma and festive colors of fruits! Try mango, grape, lemon, melon or other berries to find your favorite combination.

Making our own sugar cane syrup

We are committed to make our own sugar cane syrup. Is a minimally-refined form of sugar cane that still has a bit of residual molasses, which imparts a light caramel flavor on the resulting syrup. Golden Cane is less processed than white sugar and this product is already in syrup form which makes it easily soluble in any type of beverage, hot or cold. It especially enhances the flavor of tea! It doesn’t have preservatives, artificial flavorings or chemicals.

Freshly handcrafted boba & cheese

The tapioca comes from a cassava root and is a type of starch. These pearls are completely gluten-free and are commonly mixed with brown sugar for flavor, which is how they get their distinctive black coloring. The texture is similar to gummy bears, and the flavor adapts to the drink’s flavor since the pearls absorb the liquid inside the cup. Each bite is unique, satisfying the craving for the perfect taste. your cheese foam made with whipping cream, milk, and organic cheese.


For Hey Juice prepared correctly, natural flavors, colors and textures all work together to create a drink experience that appeals to all the senses.



introducing the fresh fruit tea which brings a refreshing taste of the mix between tea and fruits. Selected high-quality tea is milden with natural sugar and Organic fruits, the delicious result is a finish that's both refreshing and healthie.

Cheese Tea


Combining salt cheese with fresh tea in an ingenious way, Hey Juice original cheese tea is very popular among the customers. The creamy taste matching up with the fragrance of selected tea, which creates a wondeful feeling

0Limited Tea


Every season has its unique characteristic and production In order to present the freshest flavor, we introduce the Season Limited Tea. Fresh fruits in season are accented with selected tea, the fragrant result is full of joy.



Love fruits? Its the perfect time to indulge and make the most of natures sweet offerings by shaking up spectacular fruit juices. Fruits provides a variety of vitamins, minerals and a good amount of fiber. Daily consumption of fruit juice helps us combat diseases and provide us an extra energy.

Brown Sugar


Well, if you wish to know more about the beverage, it is not difficult to identify the highlight (as the Chinese name is derived from the tapioca pearls which resembles frog eggs immersed in milk) During the presentation, one can smell the aroma of pearls which is cooked in brown sugar for a minimum of 3 hours using an in-house recipe. This process had given each pearl a deep caramelized flavour.Coupled with fresh milk for a creamy contrast, it ensures that the sweetness from the brown sugar is not overly intense.



Bubble tea is an interesting beverage that is often made up of black or oolong tea, milk or fruit flavors, a sweetener, and a chewy texture found in Taiwanese cuisine called QQ (what you may think of as the 'bubbles' in bubble tea). Most often, the QQ takes the form of tapioca pearls. Pearl Milk Tea (or zhēnzhū nǎichá) A milky tea with tapioca pearls, this is what is commonly known in the West as 'bubble tea.' Originally, this version only used 1/12th-inch tapioca pearls, but now most bubble tea shops also call the 1/4-inch tapioca balls 'pearls'.

Our Products (examples)

We create drinks that people love.

Fruits Cubes And Green Tea

Fresh Fruit

Black gold walnut Late with Brown Sugar

Dirty Milk Tea

Mango with Coconut Milk & Sago

A Coconut

Red Grapefruit Green Tea

Freshly Squeezed

Matcha Latte with Brown Sugar

Dirty Milk Tea

Pomegranate Juice


Black & Green Grappe

Freshly Squeezed

Black Gold Familly

Dirty Milk Tea

Black Gold Bean Soy

Dirty Milk Tea

Pitaya Sago Coconut

A Coconut

Pomegranada And Orange


Black Gold Sesame

Dirty Milk Tea

Straberry Familly

Freshly Squeezed

Fresh Longan Light Oolong Tea

Fresh Fruit

Passion Fruit Green Tea

Fresh Fruit

Yogurt Bananas Peach & Cereal


Fresh Pineaple Light Oolong Tea

Fresh Fruit

Fruit Cubes & Green Tea - Orange

Fresh Fruit

Fresh Kumquat Yakult


Mik Tea Red Bean & Pudding

Find Milk Tea

Milk Tea With Coconut

Find Milk Tea

Red Grapefruit Light Oolong Tea

Fresh Fruit

Brand Development

Hey juice is the second generation of luxury tea creative brand launched by Hangzhou Hakata Group in 2007. In 2015 start new design whit new menu and launch a new concept in Shanghai. In 2016 opening of its first overseas store in Toronto and Sydney.

The strawberry juice creama (fresh creamy cheese at the top of the juice) is unique in a sense and gives a unique cheesy taste with the juice. I wouldn't never have thought to drink cheese with fruit juice but surprisingly it goes well.

Gunnery Serval

You can just simply order anything and it will taste good. The juices are pure and not too sweet, just nice for me. I will recommend their creama series.

Jimmy Lim

Wow, the juice here is super duper Refreshing n Nice!!!! So many Choices here!!!! Worth to wait !!!! I like the design of the cups, and the environment there is so comfortable n nice too... Love it ^^ n surely will go back again ~~~

Felicia Woo

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